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Open vs Closed Adoption

If you are pregnant and thinking about adoption for your baby, it’s likely that you have a hundred different emotions and just as many questions. You might be wondering, “open vs closed adoption – what is the difference and which might be right for me”? There are some important differences between open and closed adoptions that you should be clear on before you make any kind of decision. Let&#...
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Minor Placing Baby Up For Adoption – Taylor, age 17, California

My name is Taylor. I’m 17 and I’m a birth mother. This experience has changed my life.  It has changed me as a person and made me open my eyes and realize so many things. I found out I was pregnant 6 months into my pregnancy and should have known that missing my period was the first sign, but I overthink everything. At first, I thought it was one of those situations where I overreacted. But clearly I was ...
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How To Talk About Adoption – “Give My Baby Up for Adoption” is Outdated Language

I wrote this article with the goal of educating my readers on the changing language of adoption.  This article explains why we no longer say “give my baby up for adoption.”  My hope is that after reading this article, my readers will be inspired to drop the giving up language and embrace the language of hope and proactive planning. I didn’t give my baby up, I gave him the best.  Adoption has changed a lot...
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6 Adoption Myths About Giving a Baby Up

There’s so much information out there about giving a baby up adoption, and sometimes it can be overwhelming.  My goal is to educate you and provide you with the essential information you need to make your adoption smooth and legal.  If you’re gathering information about giving a baby up for adoption, below are 6 myths about the adoption process.  None of these statements are true — they are all myths!  Le...
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I gave my baby the best

Why I Placed My Baby For Adoption – Kaitlyn, Age 25, California

I wasn’t able to give my child what she needed I chose adoption because at the time in my life that I was pregnant, I wasn’t able to fully give my child the attention and all the other day to day things she needed.  I thought it would be better for her to be with someone who was at a point in their life that they were ready to have kids. My biggest fear about adoption was how everything would go.  Would it be e...
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Understanding The Range Of Emotions During Adoption Process

Giving your baby up for adoption is not an easy decision. In fact, it will likely be one of the hardest decisions of your life.   I’ve worked with many expectant mothers and have witnessed the range of emotions that come with the adoption process. Sadness, guilt, even feeling stupid, are all common feelings. The following are descriptions of the main emotions you might feel when going through this experience an...
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Why I Chose Adoption – Arianna, Age 20, Arizona

I was 20 when I found out I was pregnant. Emotionally, financially, and mentally unstable. Just in a really difficult time in my life. I didn’t find out until I was almost 4 months.  I knew I was pregnant, but I didn’t want to face it and I thought ignoring it would make it go away. Obviously that wasn’t the case. The father was non existent. We were seeing each other, but it was nothing official un...
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Stay Open: Closed Adoption May Not Be Right For You

Making an open adoption plan can be emotionally difficult.  Facing tough life choices and finding support from family and friends while pregnant and planning for delivery can feel overwhelming.  It’s important to keep your heart and mind open to an open adoption during this potentially stressful time. Some women think that a closed adoption will make the process easier.  They feel that a closed adoption means they wo...
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3 Things to Know About Open Adoption Services

Open Adoption Can Mean Many Things If you choose an open adoption, you and the adoptive family will work together to create a plan for future contact. Each situation is different, and it is extremely important that you are honest with both yourself and the adoptive parents about your wishes. This will help ensure a long-lasting relationship that is comfortable with everyone. Some birth mothers want to have regular co...
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Open Adoption Visitation Rights: Can I See My Child?

Can I See My Child in An Open Adoption? Each open adoption can look very different, depending on the birth mother, the adoptive family, and the child involved. When you’re making an adoption plan, you can choose what kind of contact you’d like to have with the adoptive family and with your child. For example, you might decide to have regular updates from the adoptive parents, especially when your child is small. You ...
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