help with adoption

We help with every aspect of the adoption process

At Help with Adoption, I work closely with you on every aspect of your adoption.  I’ll help you find a family to adopt your baby.  Our services include doing all the work required to make the adoption legal.  As an adoption attorney and a birth mother, I know this process well.  I can help make it as easy and smooth for you as possible.

I’ll help you understand all of your options

One of the most important services we offer at Help with Adoption is to explain all of your options to you.  Adoption isn’t right for everyone.  We’ll help you think about options to parent or to have a family member parent your child.  You should know that temporary foster care is an option.  We believe it’s our job to also help you find resources for food, housing, and medical insurance if you decide you want to parent.

If you think adoption is right for you, we’ll make sure you understand all of your adoption options as well.  Some women want an open vs. a closed adoption.  Maybe you want a lot of contact with the family after the baby is adopted.  You also have the option to name your baby on the original birth certificate.  The plan for labor and delivery includes several options as well.  At Help with Adoption, our job is to educate you regarding all of these options so you can make the best choices possible for you and your baby.

We can’t help you sell your baby

Baby selling is against the law in every state.  Many states, including California, have penal codes outlining this.  However, some state laws allow a pregnant woman to accept pregnancy related expense assistance from their chosen prospective adoptive parents.  Financial assistance is considered a gift to the expectant mother.  Pregnancy related expenses can include food, transportation, maternity clothes, and medical bills.  It is illegal to offer or accept items of significant value.  This includes lump sums of cash, laptops, cars, furniture, loan pay offs.   It’s important to work closely with a lawyer to make sure you aren’t violating state laws.

We can’t help you lie to the baby’s father

help with adoption baby's fatherAt Help with Adoption, we respect all parents’ rights.  We cannot help you lie to your baby’s father in order to do an adoption without him.  However, you do not have to speak with your baby’s father, or potential fathers.  We will address each potential father directly while protecting your privacy.  Some women want to leave the baby’s father out of the adoption process.  Others will lie about who the father is in order to avoid involving him in the process.  It’s important to be honest about who your baby’s father is.  State laws protect birth fathers’ rights.