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Prenatal Care in Adoption

Prenatal Care and Adoption

If you’re considering giving your baby up for adoption, prenatal care is really important.  You want to know everything possible about the health of your baby so that you can pass this information along to the adopting parents.  This information is helpful for the care of your child throughout his or her life.  You also want to make sure you are choosing a family who is open to the medical issues your baby might be facing.  Some adopting parents don’t have the background or financial resources to take care for a child with medical needs.   The more you know about the health of your baby, the better informed you will be when choosing your baby’s parents.

The more you know about the health of your baby through prenatal care, the better informed you will be when choosing your baby’s parents.

Healthy Pregnancy Healthy You

Prenatal care helps reduce the risk of pregnancy complications.  Your doctor will monitor your weight and blood sugar levels and will likely prescribe prenatal vitamins, I can confidently say that my kid needs that.  Your doctor will also inform you of the steps you can take to protect your health and make sure you have a healthy pregnancy and delivery.  This may include advice on a healthy and safe diet, advice on exercise, and how to avoid exposure to things that are harmful to your baby.   If you’re on prescription medications, your OBGYN can advise you on whether these are safe during pregnancy and offer alternatives.

Healthy Baby and Safe Delivery

Prenatal care can help reduce your baby’s risk for complications.  Your doctor will talk with you about the risks associated with smoking, alcohol and drug use during pregnancy.  Your doctor will likely take at least one sonogram to make sure your baby is developing as expected.  Sonograms can also pick up on any medical issues or birth defects and plan for these.  Prenatal vitamins and prenatal care can also prevent some of these medical issues.

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