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Making An Adoption Plan With An Adoption Agency

Planning for an adoption begins with your first phone call to Family Formation. We will get to know you, explain your options, learn more about your needs and plans for your future, and work closely with you to make an adoption plan that meets your expectations. We will help you make important decisions about your adoption plan such as:

What type of family do you want for your child, their qualities, life style and values? 

Family Formation works with adoptive parents who have completed home studies, which include background checks, home visits, medical exams, financial disclosure, and fingerprinting. We also get to know each of our adopting parents very well. We learn about their life styles, their home environment, their hopes and dreams for their family. We collect lots of information about their background, their upbringing, why they are choosing adoption. Family Formation works with adopting parents of various backgrounds, ethnicities, and religious affiliations. We can provide you with an unlimited number of families to consider for adopting your child.

How open you would like the adoption to be, how much contact will you have with the adopting family during your pregnancy, at the hospital, and after the baby is born?

Every woman approaches open adoption differently. Some want no contact with the adopting parents prior to birth but then change their mind once they choose the family. Some women want to start building a relationship with the adopting parents as quickly as possible. They want to talk on the phone periodically and even to meet before the birth.

How much emotional support and counseling you need, if any, during the pregnancy and after the adoption?

The friendly and knowledgeable staff at Family Formation is expert at listening to birth mothers, understanding their needs, and making a plan that meets these needs. We have been in your shoes and know the right questions to ask. Family Formation also has access to numerous counseling support systems, from birth mother support groups to birth mother forums as well as individual therapists who are experts in counseling birth mothers. Our birth mother counselor services are always confidential.

Do you need financial assistance during the pregnancy and childbirth?

Financial assistance is almost always available to birth mothers who need it, depending on the state you live in. Adopting parents may be permitted to assist with any pregnancy related expenses including medical bills, maternity clothes,living expenses, transportation, etc. Family Formation has access to the laws in each state to make sure your adoption is processed within the requirements of each state.

Planning for your baby’s birth, your time in the hospital, and the adopting parents’ involvement

Deciding how you want your hospital visit to go is an important part of your adoption plan. There are many things to consider: do you want to see or hold the baby? How much will the adopting mother be involved? The adopting father? Will the baby stay with you in the nursery or a separate room with the adoptive parents? Do you want to hold or feed the baby? Are you okay with adopting parents taking photos? Do you want to name the baby? Do you want the baby to be discharged the same time you are? All of these are important to consider ahead of time, not because they need to beset in stone, but because you don’t want surprises at the hospital. You want to know what to expect and decide ahead of time how you would like things to go so that the adopting parents, your doctor, labor and delivery nurses and the hospital social worker all are aware of your preferences.Keep in mind that the hospital plan is always flexible. You can change your mind at any time how you’d like things to go at the hospital.

Creating a plan for ongoing contact with the family and baby after the adoption

Many birth mothers want some sort of contact with the adopting parents and their baby after the birth. Open adoption makes this possible.

Thinking about contact after the birth is an important part of your adoption plan. How you feel about contact with the adoptive family may change throughout your pregnancy. Some women believe they won’t want any contact after the baby is born and goes home with the adopting family. Frequently, however, once the birth mother chooses the adopting parents and gets to know them, she will change her mindn about contact and will want to stay in touch with the family. Contact with the adopting family after the baby’s birth can take many forms. You may want phone calls with the family, photos and letters with updates on how the baby is doing, and many adopting parents will be open to visits with the baby throughout his or her life. Some birth mothers desire a contact agreement to spell out the details of future contact. Others, who have an established a bond with the adoptive family, choose to work this out with the adoptive families informally.

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