Are you pregnant and looking to put your baby up for adoption?

No matter where you are in your pregnancy, it’s not too late to find a family who will love your baby as much as you do.

Even if you’re at the end of your pregnancy or just gave birth, it’s not too late to put your baby up for adoption. As a birth mother and an adoption attorney, I know how difficult this situation is and how important it is to find a loving family. I only work with families who are thrilled to become parents to a child of any race, background, special needs or any other challenges. I have many families waiting for a baby to love. Let me help you find the right family for you and your baby.

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Our communication is completely confidential, and my services are 100% free for birth mothers.

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What I Offer You

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Emotional Support, 24/7

I’m available to you 24/7 and am here when you have questions or concerns, and to listen and support you in whatever decision you make.

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Real Answers

I’ve been where you are. That means I can answer many questions from personal experience — that’s experience that most agencies and attorneys don’t have.

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A Plan That Works For You

I make sure that we have a plan that works for all — you and your baby’s needs are just as important as the adoptive family’s.

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I’m happy to answer your questions, support you, and help you understand what putting your baby up for adoption means and how it works. You’re never obligated to continue, and I will never pressure you to make any decision that doesn’t feel right for you and your baby.

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“My heart was much lighter after talking to Megan… when Megan told me a little about what her adoption was like, I began to see some hope for our child.”

Rhianna, age 22