Jill, Age 33, Nevada

Jill birth mother

Nothing has been easy for me, not much family to mention, or animated stories of the good old days. I’m 33 years old, single mother of one little girl, and an ex-felon. I’m unemployed however I do have a few superficial degrees under my belt.

So when I realized I was pregnant my initial response was terror. My plan was to terminate the pregnancy as soon as possible. Accumulating the money to pay for the procedure was a little harder than I expected. Mostly because of weekly increase in the amount the abortion clinics charge the further along you get. I thought about getting a job but child care isn’t free…. Since the Doberman ran away. The bank denied my loan application, my student loan application, and I would have to buy a car to get a title loan.

When I finally gave up on the 23rd week I felt like I was drowning. More than anything just needed someone to help. The past 23 weeks had been a nightmare…A gloomy, cloudy, lonely nightmare. Through a friend of a friend came a gentle suggestion to call this lawyer named Megan who may be able to offer me another option. After my first conversation with Megan I felt like the clouds parted. A huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

I get the impression that people think of adoption as a shameful thing. Especially when you’re not on the receiving end. But instead of feeling like I gave up my son, I feel like I gave him the best. He will have a family, with traditions, and more than anything he’ll have opportunities. I wouldn’t be able to provide any of these things for him.

Megan went the extra mile with me and still is. She was never judgmental or condescending. More than anything she wanted me to know it was my choice. I’ve never felt like I was thrown away after all was said and done. Her qualities are genuine…..Refreshing for a lawyer.

I won’t lie and say it hasn’t been hard. I think of my son every day and although I miss him… At least I know I gave him a chance.

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