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How To Give A Baby Up For Adoption


How can you take the first steps toward adoption? A law firm can help.

When you’re unexpectedly pregnant, you can feel overwhelmed by all of the decisions and logistics that lie before you. What will happen next? Who can you turn to for help? When you’re giving your baby up for adoption, getting the support of an adoption law firm or agency will provide help in navigating the world of adoption. This support will help you feel more secure in the choices you make.

Answering Questions

When you’re first considering adoption, you probably have a lot of questions. You might wonder how a family adoption will be different from other adoptions. You probably want to know how you can determine what family is right for your child. Once you’ve chosen a family, what happens next? While you can talk with friends and family and research online, an adoption agency or law firm is the best place to go for adoption help. These organizations have seen many different kinds of adoption situations. No matter what your questions or concerns, they can help you determine the right path for you. Choose an agency or law firm that offers free consultations so that you can get answers to your questions before you commit to a specific adoption agency or firm.

Getting Support

As a birth mother, one of the areas where you’ll need support is the creation of an adoption plan. What is an adoption plan? When you’re giving up your baby for adoption, you need to think about what will happen in the next few months and what will happen long into the future. Your short term adoption plan will outline what will occur at the birth. Will the adoptive parents be present at the birth? Who will hold the baby first? Will you breastfeed? You’ll also want to outline what happens after those first few days. What will your long term connection with the family look like? Do you want to see photos of your child? Would you like to visit? An adoption law firm can help you create your plans for the future.



Adoption is a legal process that helps create a new family.

Help With the Legal Side of Adoption

Adoption is also a legal process, and this process begins as you choose a family and start to work with them to develop an adoption plan. In some states, the family you choose can offer you financial support during your pregnancy, and an adoption law firm can help you determine whether this is the case in your state. After the birth of your child, the law firm will help you with the paperwork for the termination of parental rights and help determine the status and get the consent of the birth father. Later, the firm will help the adoptive parents finalize the adoption. Adoption law firms also have experience with more complex adoption procedures, such as Native American adoption processes and adoption across state boundaries.

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