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Make an Adoption Plan

Learn more about specific aspects of making an adoption plan.

Baby’s Discharge from Hospital

Choices to Make After the Birth

Making a Hospital Plan

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Is Adoption Right for You?

If you aren’t sure if adoption is right for you, explore topics that may help you decide.

16 and Pregnant

Adoption vs Abortion vs Parenting

Common Fears About GIving up a Baby

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Birth Father Rights

Understand some common questions about the father’s role in your baby’s adoption.

Adoption Without The Father’s Consent

Is my 15 year old son on the hook for child support?

Be Honest About The Birth Father

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Find a Family

These topics focus on how to choose the right adoptive parents for your baby.

Looking for parents to adopt my baby

9 Things to Ask When Choosing Parents

Finding A Family to Adopt Your Baby

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Open Adoption

Explore your options (and what they mean) when choosing adoption, such as open, closed, and semi-open adoption.

Pros and Cons of Semi-Open Adoption

Closed Adoption Pros and Cons

Open vs Closed Adoption

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Adoption Without The Father’s Consent

Can a minor put a baby up for adoption?

How Parents React to Adoption

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Dear Megan

As both an adoption attorney and a birth mother, I’m in a unique position to offer support, guidance, and resources.

Read my answers to questions from the community

Birth Mother Stories

I work with a team of birth mothers who can also answer questions and provide you with peer support, if you wish, as you make this important decision.

These are their stories