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Create Your Adoption Plan

Begin creating your adoption plan by filling out as many answers as you can using this simple questionnaire. The adoption plan questionnaire submissions are 100% completely confidential and will only be seen by you and I (Megan), if you choose to submit them. You are not obligated to move forward with an adoption if you complete this questionnaire.

What Happens After the Questionnaire?

If you choose to share your answers, I will review your submission within 24 hours. We will set a time to connect so I can learn more about you, your needs, any plans you may have for your future, explain your options, and work closely with you to help you make the next steps in your adoption plan.

Megan’s Promise

I will help support you through this entire process and answer all of your questions. 

Think of this adoption plan questionnaire as your road map of how you want your adoption to go. My goal is to help you think about and work through all of your options so that you can make the best decisions for you and your baby. Please know that you are always able to make changes and adjustments if something isn’t quite working for you.

Please note I am only licensed in the United States, and I can only help you in the United States.

Create Your Adoption Plan

Create Your Adoption Plan

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Finding a Family

All questions are optional.

Hospital Plan

Most women need to meet the adoptive family before answering these questions regarding the hospital plan. This section is also optional. You may want to answer these questions after you’ve met the adoptive family, if you choose to do so. If you do continue this portion of the plan: You will have a social worker and adoption attorney, if you wish, with you to make sure your interests and rights are considered during your stay.

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Are you pregnant and thinking about adoption for your baby? I can help. You can send me your questions about adoption or ask me to send you more information. Your communication with me is always confidential, and you’re never under any obligation to do an adoption. I’m here to help, not to pressure you or tell you what to do.


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