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Adoption in Reno: You Have Options

Adoption, Reno: This is a story about an adoption I worked on with a woman from Reno, Nevada.  I work with pregnant women all over the country on their adoption plans. I’m an attorney and a birth mother and my services are absolutely free to women looking for a family to adopt their baby.  Whether […]

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What is a Crisis Pregnancy Center?

If you’re looking for a crisis pregnancy center, you’re probably unexpectedly pregnant.  I know this can be a scary and overwhelming time, and you need accurate and helpful information as you consider steps forward.  My name is Megan Cohen and I’m an attorney and this is my blog.  I’m here to help if you need […]

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Finding Adopted Siblings Online

Interested in reading a story about finding adopted siblings online? Dear Megan, I’m wondering if you could give me a bit of advice. I found out through that my mom had a baby before me and gave him up for adoption.  This is a secret she kept for almost 59 years. I have spoken […]

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Ask Megan Request

I’m always interested in helping anyone touched by adoption. Please send me your questions, and look for my answers in an upcoming post in “Ask Megan”.

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