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Unplanned Pregnancy: How to Give Your Baby Up for Adoption

When you’re feeling scared about your unplanned pregnancy or unsure about the future, you don’t need to feel completely alone. You may not be able to raise this child, but there are adoption agencies and law firms who can help you make the choice to adopt and who will help you along this path. Adoption is a legal process, and you’ll need an adoption law firm or an agency to help you along the way. T...
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Typical Questions about Giving a Child Up for Adoption

Will you be able to care for your child’s medical, financial and other needs? Giving a child up for adoption is an act of love, kindness and the ultimate in selfless sacrifice. Remember, too, that making an adoption plan for your child is not giving up. If you’re considering a decision like this, you are sure to have questions, and finding answers to those questions will help in the decision-making proces...
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Learn How to Give a Baby Up for Adoption

Many people use phrases like giving up for adoption and/or putting up for adoption when searching for information about making an adoption plan. However, this is not the language we prefer to use. These phrases can have a negative connotation, and some birth mothers consider the language offensive. With that, we apologize and ask for your understanding. When you’re pregnant and trying to figure out what to do, ...
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Q: How can Family Formation help me with an unplanned pregnancy? A: We have been in your shoes and know how to help. We are here 24/7 to answer your questions about adoption with no obligation. We will provide you with all the information necessary to decide if adoption is right for you. In addition, you will work with one of the only attorneys in the country who is also a birth mother. Q: Why do women choose adoptio...
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Why Make an Adoption Plan?

  What is An Adoption Plan? An adoption plan is a plan that you create when you’re considering how you want your child’s adoption to proceed. Your adoption plan can begin before you choose an adoption agency or law firm, and it can shape who you choose to work with. Your adoption plan often includes your thoughts regarding a suitable adoptive family. It’s an expression of your desires, and it&#...
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Feel confident about adoption

How Can I Feel Confident About Adoption?

  Often, it’s hard to feel confident about the larger choices in life. Choices about your career and your relationships have so many different aspects to them that it can be difficult to make a decision. When you’re pregnant and think you might want to , you may feel like you need more information and you may be full of a lot of questions. How can you feel confident about your decision to choose adop...
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How to Talk with Family and Friends about Your Adoption Plan

Once you’ve made the decision to put your child up for adoption, you will want to consider which friends, family members and other people in your life you need or want to tell, and how you will go about it.  The news will be difficult to share and difficult to hear, no matter what.  Having a plan ahead of time can make things easier and less stressful for both you and your family.  It will allow them to focus o...
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What Happens During Adoption Counseling?

If you have decided to place your baby for adoption, you will go through a process called adoption counseling. This article explains what that process may be like. Find the Right Help When you are considering adoption for your baby, you might think an adoption agency is your only choice, but that isn’t so. My firm specializes in handling adoptions, and for many women, this is a better option.  We work on a smal...
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Is Adoption Right for Me? Four Things to Consider

Is adoption right for me?  When you’re considering adoption, you probably have a lot of questions. From immediate questions about finding an adoptive family to your choices about future contact, here are some considerations that will help you decide whether adoption is a good choice for you. Read More About Author Megan Cohen Can I Find the Right Family? When you’re considering whether adoption is right f...
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Giving Emotional Support When She’s Giving Baby Up for Adoption

An adoption plan is not just a process of giving birth and creating a family, it’s also an intensely emotional experience for both the birth mother and the adoptive family. If you’re giving emotional support when a friend or family member is giving a baby up for adoption, what can you expect and what kind of support does she need? Read More About Author Megan Cohen   Choosing Adoption Some birth mothers k...
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