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Why Birth Parents Lose Touch with Adopted Children

There are many reasons why birth parents lose touch with their adopted child.  Some of these might surprise you. Birth Parents don’t want to interfere with their child’s new family unit Many birth parents lose touch with their adopted child intentionally.  In many cases this is because they don’t want to interfere with the family.  They respect the adoptive family unit and feel that stepping back wi...
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California Adoption Attorney for Pregnant Women

My name is Megan Cohen.  I’m an adoption attorney but long before that I became a birth mother.  I gave my son up for adoption in 1988.  If you are pregnant and unsure what to do, I have been there and I can help. I am different from other adoption attorneys I have been through what you’re going through.  The reason I became an adoption attorney is to help women like yourself make the best choice for thei...
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Cutest Yoga Baby, Ever!!

Happy Friday! Today for the #FridayFuzzies we found this adorable video of a family doing yoga and we just HAD to share! Have a fantastic weekend!  ...
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When you know it’s almost the weekend, but you still gotta work Friday…

-You’ve got weekend plans with your girls! You’ve got rezzies at a hot new spot! You’ve got a cute new outfit! -But it’s still only Friday and you’ve also got to go to work… so just a few more minutes more of zzz…  ...
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Birth Mother Resources

There are a few organizations in the United States that provide resources to birth mothers.  Many birth parents feel incredibly isolated during both the adoption process and grieving processes.  The following groups provide a variety of services which can help women connect with other birth parents and find the support they need.  If you learn of other resources we’d love to hear from you so we can add them to ...
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Give My Baby Up for Adoption is Outdated Language

I wrote this article with the goal of educating my readers on the changing language of adoption.  This article explains why we no longer say “give my baby up for adoption.”  My hope is that after reading this article, my readers will be inspired to drop the giving up language and embrace the language of hope and proactive planning. I didn’t give my baby up, I gave him the best.  Adoption has changed a lot...
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5 Reasons Why We Differ From The Independent Adoption Center (IAC)

The Independent Adoption Center (IAC) abruptly closed its doors on January 31, 2017 and declared bankruptcy.  The IAC walked away from hundreds of adoption cases in various stages.  Their reasons for closure seem pretty clear–the adoptive parents waiting to adopt far outnumbered the women who were making adoption plans. Here are five reasons why our office is different from the IAC: Reason #1: The Independent A...
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Unplanned Pregnancy: How to Give Your Baby Up for Adoption

When you’re feeling scared about your unplanned pregnancy or unsure about the future, you don’t need to feel completely alone. You may not be able to raise this child, but there are adoption agencies and law firms who can help you make the choice to adopt and who will help you along this path. Adoption is a legal process, and you’ll need an adoption law firm or an agency to help you along the way. T...
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Typical Questions about Giving a Child Up for Adoption

Will you be able to care for your child’s medical, financial and other needs? Giving a child up for adoption is an act of love, kindness and the ultimate in selfless sacrifice. Remember, too, that making an adoption plan for your child is not giving up. If you’re considering a decision like this, you are sure to have questions, and finding answers to those questions will help in the decision-making proces...
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Learn How to Give a Baby Up for Adoption

When you’re pregnant and trying to figure out what to do, you may wonder about the adoption process: how to give a baby up for adoption. Luckily, many birth parents and adoptive families have traveled this road before you, and while different families may pursue somewhat different paths depending on their situation, there are certain actions you must take before you give a baby up for adoption. Consider Your Op...
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