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Open Adoption Process

Semi Open Adoption Pros & Cons

Many women want a semi-open relationship with the adoptive family and their baby.  For these women, semi-open adoption may be the best choice. There are three types of adoption: open adoption, semi-open adoption, and closed adoption.  However, there are pros and cons to all three.  One size usually doesn’t always fit all.  This article focuses on the pros and cons of semi-open adoption. What Exactly is a Semi-O...
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Closed Adoption Pros and Cons

What Can I Expect With a Closed Adoption? I decided to write about closed adoption pros and cons because not only is there a lot to think about, but the decisions you make for your baby now last for a lifetime.  Here are some important things to know about open and closed adoption. It used to be that all adoptions were closed.  Here’s how it worked.  A woman would deliver her baby at the hospital, and immediate...
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Women Considering Close Adoption

Closed Adoption Facts

Definition This article focuses on five important closed adoption facts.  How do you know if a closed adoption is right for your baby? Below we have created a list of the most common closed adoption facts to help you make the best decision for your circumstances. Adoptions tend to fall into two categories: “open adoptions” or “closed adoptions.” Definition: a closed adoption refers to an adopt...
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Open vs Closed Adoption

If you are pregnant and thinking about adoption for your baby, it’s likely that you have a hundred different emotions and just as many questions. You might be wondering, “open vs closed adoption – what is the difference and which might be right for me”? There are some important differences between open and closed adoptions that you should be clear on before you make any kind of decision. Let&#...
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Open Adoptoin

Open Adoption Story From Adoptee – What Open Adoption Means To Me

What Being Adopted Means to Me, by Kaylee (age 14) Do you ever wonder what it’s like to be adopted?  What your child is thinking about when it comes to adoption?  Well, I can tell you all about that because I was adopted at birth.  When I say that I was adopted, some people ask if my birth mother wanted me.  Of course she did, but she was going through a time when she couldn’t take care of a child.  It was a tough de...
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What is Open Adoption?

Open adoption is a relatively new concept.  Many women who are thinking about making an adoption plan don’t realize that closed adoptions – where the birth mother doesn’t know or choose the adopting parents – are a thing of the past. Definition Open adoption means, at a minimum, that the birth mother knows the identity (usually the first and last names) of the adopting parents. The adopting parents also k...
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Choosing An Open Door Adoption Agencies When You Give Your Baby Up for Adoption

When you choose to give your baby up for adoption, a woman likely feels a lot of uncertainty. What will your child’s future hold? Will you find an adoptive family that is a good fit for your child, now and in the future? An open adoption can help ease some of your worries.  You will continue to connect with your child’s adoptive parents and with your child, even after the adoption is complete. What is Ope...
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Closed Adoption Disadvantages

For many years, closed adoption was the norm.  People didn’t really talk about adoption openly.  Many adopted children did not know their birth parents. Today, popular culture has changed and adoption is discussed and embraced, especially on social media.  With these changes, attitudes toward closed adoptions have changed as well. What used to be a common practice is now much less common, as people have recogni...
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Biracial Adoption: One Family’s Story

When my husband and I started the adoption process, we were open to all possibilities, including parenting a child of any ethnic heritage.  We were young and idealistic. Sixteen years later, we are now parents of two wonderful girls, ages 15 and 11.  Both our girls are half Caucasian and half African American.  Looking back, I think of how naïve we were then and how glad I am now that we were. Education on biracial a...
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