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Can You Put a Baby Up for Adoption After Birth?

It’s never too late to make a plan for your baby. At Help With Adoption, we get calls every day from women asking if they can put their baby up for adoption after birth. They call on their way to the hospital, or maybe shortly after delivery before they are discharged from the hospital. Some women call after they have brought their baby home. No matter what your situation, the answer is yes, you can put a baby ...
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Putting Baby Up For Adoption After Birth

You can put a baby up for adoption after birth.  When you make an adoption plan at the hospital, or after you bring baby home, there are several things to consider.  This article describes the steps to put a baby up for adoption after birth.  You can do this at the hospital, before or after delivery.  It is also possible to put a baby up for adoption  after you’ve brought baby home. Can I give my baby up for ad...
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Post Adoption Contact Agreement in California

Adoption is the beginning of a relationship. In many cases that relationship extends far beyond a connection with a child. Adoption brings together two families: the adoptive family and the birth family. What happens to this relationship after the adoption is finalized? Different adoptive families and birth parents have different agreements about what the birth family’s contact with the child will look like. Wh...
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Adoption Discharge Process – Adopted Baby’s Discharge From Hospital

You’re thinking of making an adoption plan, or perhaps you’ve already started the process.  One question most women ask is what happens after birth and what’s the process to discharge baby from the hospital.  This article explains the discharge process. The process to discharge baby from the hospital You can make decisions about discharge before the baby is born.  Some women decide at the last minut...
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Adoption Process After Birth – Choices To Make After Birth

As an adoption attorney and a birth mother myself, I know that giving a baby up for adoption comes with a wide range of emotions.  This is true before and after delivery.  After your child is born, you will have to make your final decision about who will care for your child. Preparing for your child’s birth will help you make a plan and feel confident in your choices. Choices About Your Baby When you’re p...
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Prenatal Care in Adoption

Prenatal Care and Adoption If you’re considering giving your baby up for adoption, prenatal care is really important.  You want to know everything possible about the health of your baby so that you can pass this information along to the adopting parents.  This information is helpful for the care of your child throughout his or her life.  You also want to make sure you are choosing a family who is open to the medical ...
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Adoption & Breastfeeding: Three Things to Consider

Breastfeeding can cause significant emotional challenges for the birth mother.  Every mother wants her baby to be healthy and happy with his or her adoptive family. Studies show that breast milk is a wonderful food for a newborn.  Here are three things to consider if you are thinking about breastfeeding as part of your adoption plan. Detaching From the Baby Breastfeeding could make your eventual separation from the b...
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Making An Adoption Hospital Plan

 What will happen during your hospital stay? Making an adoption plan can help you find certainty.  unplanned pregnancy comes with so many questions, especially when you’re giving a baby up for adoption. I can help answer your questions and help you create an adoption plan.  This may ease your apprehension as you work to determine what pregnancy and birth will look like for you.   Planning for Labor and Delivery Your ...
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Considerations About Where To Give Birth for Adoption

When you make an adoption plan, one thing to consider is whether you will deliver the baby in your home state or closer to the adoptive parents.  It’s most important to consider your own needs when making this decision.  Think about what support your will have during the labor and delivery process, so that you have help before, during, and after childbirth. Giving birth is an intense experience, and while your focus ...
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