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Giving A Baby Up For Adoption Pros And Cons

The Advantages of Adoption vs. Surrendering Your Baby At The Hospital

Discovering you’re pregnant when you aren’t yet ready for parenthood can be scary. In California, when a woman feels she’s not ready to parents, she can surrender the newborn baby at the hospital.  She may also surrender her newborn to another safe surrender location, such as a fire station.  In a safe surrender, you don’t have to give your name or any identifying information.  The mother has ...
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When Is It Too Late for an Abortion? There Are Options Besides Abortion

When is it too late for an abortion, what then? Each state’s laws regarding abortion are different.  Many do not allow abortion after you are 20 weeks pregnant.  On the other hand, some allow abortion up until you are 24 weeks pregnant.   In rare cases, some states, such as New York, will allow abortion in the third trimester.  Check with your local reproductive health provider, such as Planned Parenthood or yo...
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putting a baby up for adoption

What Are My Rights in Open Adoption?

  Adoption laws vary from state to state and so do birth parent rights.  Below are just a few of the universal rights in open adoption that are either misunderstood or not commonly known. Right to counseling Many states require at least one counseling session prior to a birth parent signing consent paperwork to an adoption.  This is typically done with an experienced social worker who specializes in adoption and...
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