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16 and Pregnant

Parenting at any age can be a huge challenge and financial drain.  When you’re 16 and pregnant (or close to that age), you need to understand that parenting is a life-changing responsibility.  Above all, it’s expensive and it’s a lot of work.  As you consider your options (abortion, adoption, parenting), here’s what you need to know about teen pregnancy and raising a baby. If you’re 16 a...
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Unplanned Pregnancy Options: Adoption vs Abortion vs Parenting

If you are faced with an unplanned pregnancy, you have three options.  These are adoption vs abortion vs parenting.  There are pros and cons to each of these options.  The purpose of this article is to offer the most significant pros and cons to each.   This is not a complete list of pros and cons.  It is a good place to start, though.  We suggest that you make a list of your own pros and cons for each so you can  co...
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Help with Adoption

We help with every aspect of the adoption process At help with adoption, we work closely with you on every aspect of your adoption.  We will help you find a family to adopt your baby.  Our services include doing all the work required to make the adoption legal.  As an adoption attorney and a birth mother, I know this process well.  I can help make it as easy and smooth for you as possible. We will help you understand...
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6 Myths About Giving a Baby up for Adoption

There is so much information out there about giving a baby up adoption.  Sometimes it can be overwhelming.  My goal is to educate you and provide you with the essential information you need to make your adoption smooth and legal.  If you are gathering information about giving a baby up for adoption, below are 6 myths about the adoption process.  None of these statements are true–they are all myths!  Let me know...
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Common Fears About Giving Up a Baby

It’s normal to have fears when considering giving up a baby.  This is especially true at the beginning of the adoption journey when the process is so new.  Some women find comfort in talking about their fears with someone who’s been through the process.  Knowing that your feelings are normal and that you aren’t alone can be a huge relief. Fear #1: Giving Up a Baby Makes Me a Bad Person Probably the most common fear i...
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Is Adoption Right for Me? What Open Adoption Looks Like in Real Life

Is an open adoption right for me? Many an uncertain birth mother has considered these words as she debates whether she’d like to create an adoption plan. While closed adoptions were common in past decades, open adoptions have become much more common in recent years. What does an open adoption look like in real life? It’s less intimidating and more diverse than you might think. The History of Open Adoption...
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Understanding Women Who Put Babies up for Adoption

When a woman chooses to create an adoption plan, she’s making a decision that will shape many lives. When a woman puts her baby up for adoption, it changes many lives.  Her life, her child’s life, and the family and friends of the adoptive family will all be shaped by a birth mother’s courageous and thoughtful decision. A birth mother thinks hard about choosing adoption. Women choose adoption for ma...
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Giving Your Baby Up for Adoption and the Range of Emotions That Comes with It

Giving your baby up for adoption is not an easy decision. In fact, it will likely be one of the hardest decisions of your life.   I’ve worked with many expectant mothers and have witnessed the range of emotions that come with the adoption process. Sadness, guilt, even feeling stupid, are all common feelings. The following are descriptions of the main emotions you might feel when going through this experience an...
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Why Older Moms Choose to Give Up a Baby For Adoption

Often, we think of birth mothers as younger mothers who aren’t ready to become a parent. However, birth mothers can be women of any age. Here are some reasons why older moms choose adoption. They’re Not in a Stable Relationship Some mothers are single parents by choice, while others are single by chance. Older mothers might choose adoption because they’re not in a long term or committed relationship...
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The Advantages of Adoption vs. Surrendering Your Baby at the Hospital

Discovering you’re pregnant when you aren’t yet ready for parenthood can be scary. In California, when a woman feels she’s not ready to parents, she can surrender the newborn baby at the hospital.  She may also surrender her newborn to another safe surrender location, such as a fire station.  In a safe surrender, you don’t have to give your name or any identifying information.  The mother has ...
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