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What Open Adoption Means To Me

What Being Adopted Means to Me, by Kaylee (age 14) Do you ever wonder what it’s like to be adopted?  What your child is thinking about when it comes to adoption?  Well, I can tell you all about that because I was adopted at birth.  When I say that I was adopted, some people ask if my birth mother wanted me.  Of course she did, but she was going through a time when she couldn’t take care of a child.  It was a tough de...
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Is Adoption Right for Me? What Open Adoption Looks Like in Real Life

Is an open adoption right for me? Many an uncertain birth mother has considered these words as she debates whether she’d like to create an adoption plan. While closed adoptions were common in past decades, open adoptions have become much more common in recent years. What does an open adoption look like in real life? It’s less intimidating and more diverse than you might think. The History of Open Adoption...
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Is Adoption Right For Me? 10 Questions to Ask Yourself

Becoming an adoptive parent is a life changing decision. Much work is required before you sign the adoption papers and a lifetime of work waits for you after bringing your adoptive child home. While adopting a child can bring immense rewards and joy, it can also bring many challenges. Here are 10 questions to ask when deciding if you’re truly ready for this important life change. Prepare yourself for success as...
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Are You Ready To Be A Young Parent?

You’re pregnant, and you’re worried.  Are you ready to become a young parent?  What impact will a pregnancy have on your life right now? Your decisions now will shape the course of your life and the life of your child. Sometimes, it’s just not the right time to become a parent. How can you make this decision? A New Role In Your Life When you have a baby and decide to raise that child, you move into ...
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Adoption Advice: My Daughter is Pregnant

The content of this article is based almost entirely on the advice and experience of parents whose daughters worked with our firm to create an adoption plan.  Some of these women ultimately chose to parent their child.  Of course, one short article will not answer all of your questions; therefore, we invite you to contact our office anytime for free, confidential information.  We work with women and families across t...
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Should I Keep My Baby?

If you’ve found this blog post, you’re likely pregnant, the pregnancy wasn’t planned, and you might be asking yourself “Should I keep my baby?”  We’ve worked with many women over the years who have considered adoption. For some women, adoption is the right choice, while other women will choose to parent.  This article addresses some of the things you should consider if you’re pregnant and asking yourself if you shoul...
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Open Adoption: Can I See My Child?

Can I See My Child in An Open Adoption? Each open adoption can look very different, depending on the birth mother, the adoptive family, and the child involved. When you’re making an adoption plan, you can choose what kind of contact you’d like to have with the adoptive family and with your child. For example, you might decide to have regular updates from the adoptive parents, especially when your child is small. You ...
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Professional Adoption Help, Why It’s Important

  With support from an adoption law firm, you can feel confident in the adoption process. When you’re giving a baby up for adoption, you need to have adoption help. Some of this help might come in the form of support from your friends and family. However, since adoption is a legal process, you also need to work with a trusted legal professional like me or an adoption agency so that you can complete all of the le...
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