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Will my child struggle with a sibling being adopted?

Will your child struggle with a sibling being adopted?  Maybe not. Hi Megan, I’m unexpectedly 11 weeks pregnant. I have an 8-year-old daughter who I love dearly and share custody of with her father who I’m fairly close with. I am worried that she will struggle with a sibling being adoption.  Her father and his […]

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How do I tell my parents I’m putting my baby up for adoption?

Do you need help how to tell your parents you’re putting your baby up for adoption?  I can help! When you’re pregnant and considering adoption, you’re thinking about your future and the future of your child. However, there are others to consider as well. At some point during your pregnancy, you’ll likely let your own parents […]

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Should I tell my family about my adoption plan?

For many women, it’s important to tell family about the adoption plan.  Once you’ve made the decision to put your child up for adoption, you will want to consider how to talk with family and friends about your adoption plan.  The news will be difficult to share and difficult to hear, no matter what.  Having […]

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How do you hide an unplanned pregnancy?

You may not be able to hide an unplanned pregnancy–and you may not want to. Dear Megan, I don’t know how my friends and family (mom especially) don’t see that I’m pregnant.  I mean, yeah, I do try to hide it, but it’s getting almost impossible to hide.  I’ve never had an unplanned pregnancy before […]

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How do I support a grandparent in adoption?

Dear Megan, I want to know how to support grandparents in adoption.  I am trying to help my friend who just found out her youngest daughter had a baby shortly before she moved back home.  She put the baby up for adoption in an open adoption.  How do I help this grandmother?  How do I […]

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