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How To Give A Baby Up For Adoption

Birthmother Grief – Processing Grief After Adoption

Sadness and grief are normal and you are not alone Processing grief after giving a baby up for adoption is frequently challenging.  Grief may come as a surprise to you.  It is unexpected because, after all, you put a great deal of thought into the adoption process beforehand.  You probably feel certain you are doing the right thing.  So why are you feeling so sad?  Grief can come on at unexpected times.  Some women f...
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Adoption Reunion – Reuniting With The Baby You Put Up For Adoption

Are you reuniting with the baby you put up for adoption?  It’s a brave step, and can be very emotionally charged. We know, we’ve been there. So, how do you prepare? What Do You Want From the First Meeting? Ask yourself what you want from this first meeting.  Reflect on your own thoughts and needs, and those of the child you put up for adoption.  Remember that you made an adoption plan for your baby, you d...
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Talking To Your Kids About The Baby That Was Put Up For Adoption

Do you have children and need to talk with them about the baby that was put up for adoption?  Or maybe the adopted baby came first, and now you want to tell the children who came later about the baby? In either case, you need to be gentle and loving with your kids.  Learning that a sibling will not grow up with you can be difficult for a young child to understand.  When your adult kids learn that they have a sibling ...
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Putting baby up for adoption

Putting a Baby Up For Adoption

What is the process for putting a baby up for adoption? The process for putting a baby up for adoption is free to expectant mothers.  Also, the process is relatively simple. This article focuses on a few frequently asked questions about how to put a baby up for adoption and making an adoption plan.  Some of these include: Are adoption services free to expectant mothers? Who will help me find a family to adopt my baby...
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