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5 Reasons Why We Differ From The Independent Adoption Center (IAC)

The Independent Adoption Center (IAC) abruptly closed its doors on January 31, 2017 and declared bankruptcy.  The IAC walked away from hundreds of adoption cases in various stages.  Their reasons for closure seem pretty clear–the adoptive parents waiting to adopt far outnumbered the women who were making adoption plans. Here are five reasons why our office is different from the IAC: Reason #1: The Independent A...
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Adoption Questions: Medical Insurance for Expectant Mother?

Prenatal care is important for expectant mother and child. What to do if you don’t have medical insurance If you don’t have medical insurance to cover the pregnancy, labor and delivery, don’t worry!  Prenatal care is important.  You still have options.  We are happy to help you find the right coverage.  Adopting parents will cover your out of pocket costs for co-pays and deductibles.  Here’s h...
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Giving a Baby Up For Adoption is Not Giving Up!

Giving a Baby up for Adoption is NOT Giving Up! Many people use the phrase “give a baby up for adoption”; however this choice really is not really “giving up.”  Adoption is an emotional roller coaster, and this article focuses on some of the emotions you may experience as you make an adoption plan and move forward with an adoption.  Making an Adoption Plan Can Be a Relief Setting out on the adoption journey can be st...
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Adoption Questions: What if I Use Drugs and Alcohol During Pregnancy?

When the adoptive family knows your child’s medical history, they can make better decisions to support your child. When you’re pregnant and considering adoption as an option for your baby, you likely have a lot of adoption questions. Some of the answers will come as you create your adoption plan. You may have questions that are specific to your circumstances, such as if you have used drugs and alcohol dur...
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My Daughter Is Pregnant: How Parents React to Adoption

When you’re pregnant and considering adoption, you’re thinking about your future and the future of your child. However, there are others to consider as well. At some point during your pregnancy, you’ll likely let your own parents know about your choice to pursue adoption. How will your mother react when she learns that her daughter is pregnant? Surprise and Fear Telling your parents that you’r...
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Expert Interview Series: Betsy Hochberg with Adoption Resources About Adoption Process Myths

There are plenty of myths and misconceptions surrounding the adoption process – for both the birth parents and the adoptive parents. To help separate the rumors from the realities, we checked in with Betsy Hochberg, a licensed social worker and director of adoption resources at JF&CS Boston. Here, she offers her insight on how to navigate making this life-changing decision. Read on: What are the biggest myt...
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Adoption Questions about Drug Use During Pregnancy

All medications should be doctor-approved. Adoption Questions about Drugs, Alcohol When adoption questions about drug and alcohol use come up, if a birth mother has used any of these substances, she will often feel too uncomfortable to admit it. She might worry that knowing this history, no adoptive family will want the baby, but this is not the case at all. Adoptive parents and their plans and desires vary just as m...
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Out of State Birth Mother: Adoption Questions About Costs

When you’re considering adoption, you have a lot of questions. What will your life be like with a new member of your family? What will that child be like as he or she grows up? You probably have other practical questions too. One of the most common adoption questions is about the cost of adoption. If you’re matched with a birth mother who does not live in your state, the costs related to adoption can be m...
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Adoption Questions: Will Child Protective Services Be Involved?

When you’re thinking about adoption, questions abound. What will your life be like with the child who is about to enter your family? How can you best support your child and your family through this transition? Depending on the circumstances of your adoption, you’ll need to turn to different support services, and in some cases Child Protective Services may be involved. What is Child Protective Services? Ch...
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Pregnant and Scared? Here’s What You Need to Know

Learning that you’re unexpectedly pregnant brings a wave of emotions, including denial and worry. It’s a moment that can also leave you feeling alone and scared. If you just found out you’re pregnant and you’re scared, remember that you aren’t alone.  Here’s what you need to know as you consider your options: Pregnant and scared to have an abortion Abortion is often the unspoken op...
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