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Looking for parents to adopt my baby

Are you looking for parents to adopt your baby?  We can help.  I’m an adoption attorney and a birth mother, and I know what you are going through.  You don’t have to worry about whether you are choosing the right parents when you work with me.  I know all of my adoptive parents really well.  They have all have been fingerprinted, background checked, medically cleared and are financially stable.  I only wo...
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family history in closed adoption

Adoption Help: Giving a baby up for adoption to a family member

Giving a baby up for adoption to a family member is an option for many women.  Deciding who will be your child’s parents is probably the most important aspect of an adoption plan.  Some women feel that it’s best for the baby to keep him in the family.  Frequently, a family member will offer to adopt a child. In this post I will answer: Why women give a baby up for adoption to a family member Can the birth mothe...
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9 Things to Ask When Choosing Parents in Your Baby’s Adoption

Choosing adoption for your soon-to-arrive newborn is a major decision, but it’s only the start of your adoption journey. The next crucial step is selecting the adopting family, and, in many ways, this decision can be the most stressful of all. However, you can ask potential adopting families several questions to learn more about them and to ease the selection process. Here are 9 important questions to ask when first ...
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Finding A Family to Adopt Your Baby

Finding a family to adopt your baby is the most critical thing you need to do once you have chosen to make an adoption plan. Perhaps you have friends or family members who want to raise your child; or perhaps you would prefer to work with an adoption agency or attorney who can introduce you to couples eager to be parents. Whether you’re thinking about family members or considering a prospective adoptive family’s prof...
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More questions to Ask Adoptive Parents

When you’re planning an adoption for your baby, you will make many decisions.  The most important of these is choosing your child’s parents.  This articles discusses the types of things you might want to talk about with prospective adoptive parents. Why Do You Want to Adopt? Adoption is not something that adoptive parents enter into lightly. Ask them about their adoption journey and how they got to the place th...
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