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Couldn’t Afford Abortion – Jill, Age 33, Nevada

Nothing has been easy for me, not much family to mention, or animated stories of the good old days. I’m 33 years old, single mother of one little girl, and an ex-felon. I’m unemployed however I do have a few superficial degrees under my belt. So when I realized I was pregnant my initial response was terror. My plan was to terminate the pregnancy as soon as possible. Accumulating the money to pay for the procedure was...
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We Decided That Adoption Was The Way To Go – Meagan, Age 22, California

My adoption story is a beautiful one, although it didn’t start off that way. I found out I was pregnant when I was 21 weeks along. This was in August of 2012. I was working at a summer camp and had been complaining to my female coworker about not getting my period, but was coming up with every other logical explanation for why that was happening. Finally, she gave me a pregnancy test to “calm my nerves,” but what it ...
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