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Birth Mother Stories

I gave my baby the best

Kaitlyn, Age 25, California

I wasn’t able to give my child what she needed I chose adoption because at the time in my life that I was pregnant, I wasn’t able to fully give my child the attention and all the other day to day things she needed.  I thought it would be better for her to be with someone who was at a point in their life that they were ready to have kids. My biggest fear about adoption was how everything would go.  Would it be e...
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Arianna, Age 20, Arizona

I was 20 when I found out I was pregnant. Emotionally, financially, and mentally unstable. Just in a really difficult time in my life. I didn’t find out until I was almost 4 months.  I knew I was pregnant, but I didn’t want to face it and I thought ignoring it would make it go away. Obviously that wasn’t the case. The father was non existent. We were seeing each other, but it was nothing official un...
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Ashley, Age 21, California

I’ve dealt with many things in my life – both good and bad – but nothing that compared to one amazing and surprising experience that I will never forget:  I learned that I was pregnant on the day I was due to deliver the most beautiful baby girl. During August and September, I felt sick, like I had food poisoning.  I went to the doctor and told her my symptoms.  When she first mentioned pregnancy, I denie...
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Rhianna, Age 22, California

When I was 9 years old, my 13 month old baby sister was put up for adoption, and I only saw her once again. We were technically allowed visits, but no one ever called, no one ever visited, and eventually she just seemed to fall off the face of the earth… that’s an adoption, right? When my fiancé and I first got pregnant, we were very happy. We only lived in a tent at that time, and traveled from place to ...
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Megan Cohen Age 21

Why I Put My Baby Up for Adoption

I put my baby up for adoption because I was scared and overwhelmed. I had cancer as a teenager, and my doctors told me I couldn’t have kids.  So I was absolutely shocked when I found out I was pregnant at 20.  I remember believing that I’d wake up one day and discover I’d made a mistake.  Maybe I just didn’t know how to take a pregnancy test.  Or how to read one.  Maybe it was a false positive...
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Jill birth mother

Jill, Age 33, Nevada

Nothing has been easy for me, not much family to mention, or animated stories of the good old days. I’m 33 years old, single mother of one little girl, and an ex-felon. I’m unemployed however I do have a few superficial degrees under my belt. So when I realized I was pregnant my initial response was terror. My plan was to terminate the pregnancy as soon as possible. Accumulating the money to pay for the procedure was...
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Meagan, Age 22, California

My adoption story is a beautiful one, although it didn’t start off that way. I found out I was pregnant when I was 21 weeks along. This was in August of 2012. I was working at a summer camp and had been complaining to my female coworker about not getting my period, but was coming up with every other logical explanation for why that was happening. Finally, she gave me a pregnancy test to “calm my nerves,” but what it ...
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