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Birth Father Rights

Adoption Without The Father’s Consent

Can I put a baby up for adoption without the father’s consent?  In many situations you can put a baby up for adoption without the father’s consent.  Depending on your situation, however, his consent might be required.  This would include if you are married to the baby’s father or he has been actively involved in the pregnancy and is planning to parent. Here are situations where the father’s co...
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closed adoption disadvantages

Be Honest About The Birth Father

Learning that you’re pregnant when you aren’t ready to parent can bring many emotions. One concern you may have regarding the pregnancy is sharing the news with the birth father.  Here are several reasons why honesty is important when it comes to the birth father when you’ve chosen adoption.  Remember that you don’t have to talk with him if you don’t want to.  We can handle everything fo...
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Meaning of “Alleged Father” and Why It Matters

What is an alleged father? In California, we use the term “alleged father” to describe a man who claims to be the biological father of a child, born to a woman whom the man is not married to at the time of birth.  Other states may call this father a “putative father.” It’s important to know the status of a particular father because different types of fathers have different legal rights. ...
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