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Will child protective services stop the adoption?

You might consider making an adoption plan when CPS is involved.  Child Protective Services (CPS) provides protection for children who are at risk of abuse or neglect.  CPS’s job is to make sure kids are safe and that families have the support they need provide a safe environment for their child.  Depending on the circumstances […]

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Adoption vs. abandoning your baby at the hospital

There are benefits of adoption vs. abandoning your baby at the hospital. Discovering you’re pregnant when you aren’t yet ready for parenthood can be scary.  Sometimes abandoning a baby feels safest.  However, adoption may be a better option for you.  In California, when a woman feels she’s not ready to parents, she can surrender the […]

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Is it bad for me to breastfeed my baby at the hospital?

Breastfeeding your baby to be adopted baby might make it harder to do the placement. Dear Megan, My baby is due in three months, and I love the couple I have picked to adopt her.  But now all the uncomfortable conversations are happening.  I want to make sure I’m doing what’s best for my baby, […]

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