As a birth mother and adoption attorney, I have a wealth of experience and information about adoption. Please send me your questions and I’ll do my best to answer it. I’m always a resource for adoptive families and birth mothers, so don’t hesitate to reach out.

Setting boundaries with your birth daughter

  Dear Megan, How do I set boundaries with my birth daughter?  I’ve been reunited with my birth daughter since she turned 18, and now she’s nearly 30.  We’ve had many close times and many distant times over the years.  She is currently going through a very difficult time in her life and has recently…

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“My mom gave up a baby before I was born”

  Dear Megan, I just found out yesterday that my mom gave up a baby 6 years before I was born. I am 20. Mom was raped and gave the baby up, and everyone in my family had known about this and never told us. I have been in shock the first two days of…

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“My friend is having too much contact with her baby”

  Dear Megan, A friend from church might be having too much contact with her baby.  She made an adoption plan for her daughter who was born a couple months ago.  She is struggling, hanging by a thread, she says.  We had lunch yesterday, and she told me the adoptive family texts her pictures all…

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Advice on how to meet your adopted child

  Dear Megan, I gave my daughter up for adoption almost thirteen years ago and she is now ready to meet.  I have no clue how to respond to her questions.  Please help.  I am so scared I might mess this all up.  – E.     Dear E., Your fears are totally normal!  Don’t…

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“My 8 year old is outing me as a birth mother”

  Hello, I am seeking advice about privacy. When I was 20 I gave my daughter up for adoption at birth; she will be 16 this year. Since then I have completed college, married and had a son, who is 8. I have always been honest with my son about being a birth mom and…

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“Our relationship involves more than cards on birthdays”

  Dear Megan, I placed my son for adoption over 20 years ago. We met this year, and other than the birth of my two daughters many years later, this has been the most amazing experience of my life. There was an instant connection, an instant BOND between my birth son and I. Over the…

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