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Can You Put a Baby Up for Adoption After Birth?

It’s never too late to make a plan for your baby.

put baby up for adoption after birth

At Help With Adoption, we get calls every day from women asking if they can put their baby up for adoption after birth. They call on their way to the hospital, or maybe shortly after delivery before they are discharged from the hospital. Some women call after they have brought their baby home. No matter what your situation, the answer is yes, you can put a baby up for adoption after birth. More important, we are experts in working with these last-minute situations as well as adoptions at three or more months after delivery.

You don’t have to abandon your baby at the hospital if you decide you’re not ready to parent. Whether your pregnancy was planned or unplanned, you have options. It’s never too late to make an adoption plan for your baby. Whether you’re pregnant and considering adoption for your unborn child or for a child who is already born, we can help.

This article focuses on information about adoption and how to put your baby up for adoption at the hospital. It also includes adoption information about putting a baby up for adoption after birth. You don’t have to abandon your baby at the hospital if you decide last minute that adoption’s the right option for you.

You can put a baby up for adoption at the hospital

Many women aren’t sure that adoption’s the right option until they deliver the baby. Some women don’t realize they aren’t ready to parent or that they don’t want to parent until the baby is born and they are ready to go home. An adoption is still an option in these cases, and the process is the same as if they had planned to put a child up for adoption before birth.

Help With Adoption can help you put a baby up for adoption after birth at the hospital. Here’s how:

  1.  Contact us by phone, text or email. Text (925) 528-8158 or call (800) 877-1880. We are available 24/7 to get started immediately to help you find an adoptive family. If you are nervous to contact us directly, ask the social worker at the hospital to call us for you. We will send you information on waiting families immediately. You can view these from anywhere, in the hospital, at home, in your car. Anywhere. Each waiting adoptive family is prescreened, background checked, fingerprinted, and known to us personally. We’ll arrange for you to talk with prospective parents by phone or Skype or Face Time, and meet them in person at the hospital if you wish. Our adoptive parents are ready to adopt a child in a last minute situation. They will come to the hospital so the baby can be discharged to them if you wish.

It is really common for women to make a last minute plan. This doesn’t mean that your adoption is at risk or that you will have fewer options or (birth mother/birth father) rights.

Making a last minute plan for your child

When you make a last minute plan to put a child up for adoption, you don’t give up any rights that other young mothers have in an adoption. The only difference is that you will choose the parents closer to or after delivery. Generally speaking, most expectant mothers choose the adoptive parents immediately upon seeing their profile.

Even though you are choosing adoption for your baby at the last minute, like all expectant mothers, you will still decide if you want an open, closed, or semi-open adoption. You can still weigh the pros and cons of adoption after baby is discharged and up until you sign adoption consent documents.

When you work with an adoption expert like Help With Adoption, you can feel confident in

your choices. We will never pressure you to put your baby up for adoption. As an adoption attorney and birth mother, Help With Adoption will advocate for you and what’s best for you and your baby.

Pregnancy and available options: You can put your baby up for adoption after birth

Some women are surprised to learn that they can put a baby up for adoption after birth. Adoption is never easy and can be harder if you’ve had time to bond with your baby. The truth is that you can put a baby or a child up for adoption at any age (although older children must consent to this). You might be in a situation where you thought you could parent and have discovered that you cannot. Or maybe you were considering adoption all along but decided to try parenting. Whatever the case, adoption is an option if you feel it would be best for your baby or child.

With Help With Adoption, you can make an adoption plan after birth. Here’s how this works:

  1. We will collect information from you to better understand your situation and your needs. Also, we will learn from you what you are looking for in prospective adoptive parents. You choose adoptive parents from one of the amazing families we work with. We will give you all the information you need to learn more about adoption options. This includes closed adoption, open adoption, and semi-open adoption. You decide how much contact you want with the adoptive family and your child in the future. Finally, we will make all arrangements for the adoptive parents you choose to take custody of your baby.

Choosing to give your baby up for adoption after birth is not an easy choice, but for many women, it’s the best option for their child. If you aren’t sure, you can call us anytime to talk about options and to walk through the process.

Our job is to minimize your stress and anxiety

Making a last minute plan to give a baby up for adoption plan can feel overwhelming for some women. That’s what Help With Adoption is here for, to make the process as easy on you as possible. We will make sure you understand each step and that you know what comes next. At Help With Adoption, we handle everything from start to finish. From choosing the adoptive family, arranging baby’s discharge or transfer to adoptive parents, to facilitating future contact with the adoptive family and your baby.

With Help With Adoption, you can focus on getting to know the adoptive family, if you wish, and planning for your future. Your child will be loved unconditionally, in safe and loving hands. Most importantly, your child will have the life you hope and dream for him or her. This is what every mother wants for her child. This is still possible with a last-minute adoption at the hospital or adoption after you’ve brought your baby home.

If you aren’t sure if adoption’s the right option, or you just want more information about adoption, we’re here to help. We will never pressure you into adoption or tell you what to do. We’re here for you 24/7.

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