Where are Bay Area homeless shelters for pregnant women?

There are several homeless shelters for pregnant women in the Bay Area.  Homeless shelters for pregnant women may have special requirements, and these can include an intake meeting.  Contact each individual shelter for more information.

Homeless shelters also include maternity homes, but these are smaller living environments.  Most require proof of pregnancy from your doctor, and as a result, maternity homes are generally not available immediately.  Therefore, this may be a better option if you have time to plan.

If you need legal services I can help, and my legal services are free to pregnant women.  For example, I can advise you regarding the baby’s father’s rights.  If you are thinking about adoption, I can provide you with loving families to consider as adoptive parents.  I will also do all of the legal work for your adoption.

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Here is a list of shelters and maternity homes, and remember, this is not a comprehensive list.  Therefore,  you should research your county to see if there are other resources available.  These are all Bay Area resources because I am in the Bay Area.  If you are thinking about adoption, find out if adoptive parents can help with expenses.  For instance, Adoptive parents are allowed to provide limited financial assistance because California allows for this.

Homeless shelters for women in the Bay Area:

Maternity homes for women in the Bay Area:

  • Bishop Gallegos Maternity Home, Fair Oaks  (916) 395-9370: for women over the age of 18 who are pregnant and need shelter, food, safety and support during the pregnancy and for a short time after.
  • Heritage Home, San Jose (408) 294-1238: for pregnant women who are homeless or struggling with addiction.  Lots of resources to help women get back on their feet.
  • Meema’s House, Santa Rosa (415) 717-2799: a faith-based home for pregnant and parenting mothers who are at least 13 years old.  Length of stay may vary.
  • Gilead House, Novato (415) 895-5575: a residential facility that houses up to 6 families, each with a private bedroom and bath, for up to 12 months.
  • New Creation Home Ministries, Palo Alto (650) 321-3109: 2-year residential program that houses up to 8 women.

Soup Kitchens and Food Banks in the Bay Area: