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Is my friend having too much contact with her baby?

Contact after adoption can be really healthy for all involved. Dear Megan, A friend from church might be having too much contact with her baby.  She made an adoption plan for her daughter who was born a couple months ago.  She is struggling, hanging by a thread, she says.  We had lunch yesterday, and she […]

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Do you have advice for when I meet my adopted child?

Meeting your adopted child can be an amazing experience.  Here’s how to prepare. Dear Megan, I gave my daughter up for adoption almost thirteen years ago and she is now ready to meet.  I have no clue how to respond to her questions.  Please help.  I am so scared I might mess this all up.  […]

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My 8 year old is outing me as a birth mother, what do I tell him?

Kids say the darnedest things.  Here’s some adoption advice about privacy. Hello, I am seeking adoption advice about privacy. When I was 20 I gave my daughter up for adoption at birth; she will be 16 this year. Since then I have completed college, married and had a son, who is 8. I have always […]

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Will my kids’ perception of me change?

Are you ready to talk with your kids about their adopted sibling? Here’s a great story and my response. Dear Megan, I placed my son for adoption over 20 years ago. We met this year, and other than the birth of my two daughters many years later, this has been the most amazing experience of […]

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Should I place my baby with a family member?

Should I place my baby with a family member?  My sister, for instance? Here are some things to think about. Dear Megan, I need an adoptee perspective.  I’m 25 years old and due in September.  I’m a mother of two beautiful girls and this pregnancy was a complete accident.  I was contemplating giving my unborn […]

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