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Are Your a Young Parent Considering Adoption?

If you aren’t ready to be a young parent, adoption is a gift that you can give an adoptive family.

You’re pregnant, and you’re worried.  Are you ready to become a young parent?  What impact will a pregnancy have on your life right now? Your decisions now will shape the course of your life and the life of your child. Sometimes, it’s just not the right time to become a parent. How can you make this decision?

A New Role In Your Life
When you have a baby and decide to raise that child, you move into a different role in your life. You’re responsible for feeding, clothing, and housing a small human. It’s a huge amount of responsibility, and with it comes both worries and joys. Many young parents rise to these challenges, but becoming a parent at a young age changes that time of your life completely. You’re less carefree and more careful. Are you ready to take on this responsibility and all of the happiness and concerns that come with it?

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Adoption isn’t giving up – it can be a wise decision for all involved.

Juggling the Future With the Present
You have plans. How will a baby fit into those plans? Sometimes, parenthood is what you’re seeking. At other times, a pregnancy is very much a surprise, and you wonder how it will change your ability to shape your own future. Perhaps you have plans to complete high school and go to college. You’ve considered traveling a bit while you’re still young and new to your career. Maybe you have dreams of living and working in another country, or perhaps your career will begin at home.

Having a baby changes that future. You can still achieve these dreams, but a child adds a level of complexity to your life, and having a child also means that you need to consider the child’s needs as well as your own. Are you ready to adjust your plans?

Seeking Stability
Part of this responsibility is the need to provide a stable home for your child. While some young parents have the refuge and support of family and friends, others can feel very alone, especially if they have little support from the child’s father. If you have not completed your education or started a career, it can be harder to find a job that pays well and supports your family. If you’re not in a relationship with the birth father, you’ll need to draw on other support networks to help you parent. Do you have the financial and emotional support you need to parent well?

Adoption Services Can Help You Make the Choice
When you’re young and unexpectedly pregnant, deciding to create an adoption plan can feel heartwrenching. It can feel like giving up your baby, but it’s not giving up at all. If early parenthood feels like the wrong choice to you, there are other choices available. You can choose to have other parents raise and love this child and give them an opportunity to create a new family. Adoption is a gift, and if becoming a parent right now feels like too much of a challenge, it’s a gift that you could choose to give.

Today, open adoptions are very common. In an open adoption, you can get to know your child as he or she grows up. You can keep a relationship going throughout your child’s life, so that even if now is not the right time for you to parent, you don’t feel like you’re giving up your child.

Is adoption the right choice for you?

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