Adoption Agency Alternative

We are a trusted, industry leader and an adoption agency alternative. When you’re considering adoption for your baby, you might think that you have to work with a big adoption agency to find a family and process your baby’s adoption. That isn’t the case. You have options when considering adoption for your baby.  Working with an adoption agency is one, and working with an attorney like Megan Cohen is another. She is the owner of Help With Adoption.  She is also a birth mother.  And her services are absolutely free to birth mothers.

Why Work with Us:

The main reason women choose Help With Adoption is that they get to work with Megan every step of the adoption process.  This includes finding a family, processing the adoption, and getting support after the adoption is complete. They never feel lost in the shuffle of a big adoption agency with various case workers and a different person answering their questions. Megan manages each and every detail of an expectant mother’s case. She knows what women are going through as they think about adoption, because she has been there herself.

“I called the first number I found for the west coast.  You could say my heart was much lighter after talking to Megan Cohen.  Honestly, I was still more miserable than I had been in a very long time, but when Megan told me a little about what her adoption was like. I began to see some hope for our child.”

Megan’s Approach is Different from an Adoption Agency

Because Megan is an adoption attorney and a birth mother, she approaches each adoption from the birth mother’s perspective.  She has a big heart and is a great listener.  Megan helps each woman figure out what she wants out of the adoption.  No matter how soon you are due or how complex your situation, Megan is an expert at making everything go smoothly and can move as quickly as necessary.  She has the highest standards of ethics and would never pressure a woman to make an adoptive placement. Her mission is to be there for women who are going through what she went through, without judgment or pressure.

“I had such and amazing experience working with Megan. She is truly an amazing person. I never felt judged or forced into anything. She has continued to reach out to me to this day. Besides the amazing relationship we formed through this experience I can honestly say I formed strong bonds with my sons adopted family. They are truly amazing people. Thank you Megan!”

Who is Help With Adoption?

Help With Adoption is a premier law firm operating in the California Bay Area since 1984. We are different from a big adoption agency.  We are a law firm that provides personalized, superior adoption services to expectant mothers considering adoption for their babies. When you choose Help With Adoption, you will work directly with our owner and attorney, Megan Cohen.  Megan is an adoption attorney and a birth mother.  She placed her son for adoption in 1988 and was represented by adoption attorney Diane Michelsen. In 2013, Megan took over Diane’s Family Formation adoption practice and has owned and managed it ever since under the name Help With Adoption.

If you are looking for an adoption agency alternative that is dedicated to advocating for birth mothers and creating the best adoption possible for the biological parents, the child, and the adoptive parents, reach out to us today.  We’re here for you to support and guide you through the adoption process.