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5 Reasons Why We Differ From The Independent Adoption Center (IAC)

independent adoption center closes photoThe Independent Adoption Center (IAC) abruptly closed its doors on January 31, 2017 and declared bankruptcy.  The IAC walked away from hundreds of adoption cases in various stages.  Their reasons for closure seem pretty clear–the adoptive parents waiting to adopt far outnumbered the women who were making adoption plans.

Here are five reasons why our office is different from the IAC:

Reason #1: The Independent Adoption Center had hundreds of adoptive parents waiting to adopt.

We are a very small office working with just a few adoptive parents and birth parents at any given time.  We never have more than 15 adoptive parents waiting to adopt.  When we have reached our capacity, we stop taking new clients.

Reason #2:  The IAC is not obligated to act in the best interest of adoptive parents.

As attorneys, our duty is to our clients.  We represent birth parents and adoptive parents.  Adoption agencies do not owe this same duty to birth and adoptive parents.  Their duty is to act in the best interest of the baby.

Reason #3: Private adoption agencies like the IAC go out of business if women don’t place babies for adoption.

We practice all types of adoptions (and surrogacy!), including relative adoption, stepparent adoption, adult adoptions and more.   We also have a healthy assisted reproductive technologies practice.  Our business does not rely on a woman making an adoptive placement.

Reason #4: Our practice is owned and managed by a birth mother.

We bring personal experience and commitment to our practice.  In order to consider the best interests of adoptive parents, birth parents, and adoptees, we value full disclosure, personal attention to each and every case.  We constantly strive for the highest level of integrity and ethical adoptions.  For us, this work is very personal.

Reason #5:  As attorneys, we have legal know-how.

We are experts in California adoption laws.  We work closely with proven professionals out of state, when necessary, to make ensure we are always complying with each state’s laws.  This includes laws related to terminating birth father rights, complying with the interstate compact, and the Indian Child Welfare Act.  We manage every legal detail of each adoption case.

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